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Madden 19 Roster Update Week 1 Details

As week 1 of the NFL season concludes and the beginning of week 2 approaches many teams in the NFL are still trying to find their identities. This is true for a lot of the players as well, new faces and new roles create major impacts and some big disappointments throughout the league. EA Sports and Madden 19 have launched the new roster update to try to replicate some of the changes they saw in week 1 to give players the most authentic feel possible.

Some of the major winners and losers in this update are posted below:

None of the star players ratings moved or were touched at all during the update, actually no one with a rating of 95 or above got effected negatively with two players gaining an overall in OBJ and Khalil Mack. Tough to argue with either of those players getting the boost after dominating performances in week 1.

Alvin Kamara, the Saints running back, had a huge game catching passes out of the backfield for Drew Brees his overall climbed from an 88 to 90 during the update. However, his speed and acceleration both dropped one ranking as he couldn’t dash his way past the Buccaneers defense on the ground.

Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs had a big day and was bumped up 3 overall for obvious reasons. There were doubts coming in if he could continue his pre season triumphs and he answered these doubters in a major way. Now 82 overall from the previous 79 making the Chiefs a quality team to use in Madden 19.

The Oakland Raiders offensive line took a big hit after week 1 when they struggled opening holes for Marshawn Lynch and company. Still some very solid players on the line but the two stars Osemele and Penn both took a hit in the update dropping a combined 5 overall.

The Detroit Lions came out and completely disappointed fans in week 1 and the update reflects that. Matthew Stafford dropped 2 overall which now makes him an 83 overall. Also the Lions offense took another blow as Legarrette Blount and Ameer Abdullah dropped 4 overall a piece (Blount now 83) (Abdullah now 78) definitely slowing down their offense in the upcoming weeks.

One of the biggest hits of the update came to Raiders SS Karl Joseph moving from an 83 down to a 77 and losing 14 awareness after a questionable week 1 performance. As well as the signal caller Derek Carr dropping from an 83 to an 81 after their game against the Rams.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had the game of his life against the Saints and got bumped from a 73 overall to a 75 not only will he start the next couple of weeks, but if Tampa Bay continues to win games you could see QB competition when the Franchise quarterback James Winston comes back in week 4.

Overall this update was solid and really focused on taking down some of the pre season hype from certain players and teams that might have showed their true identities in week 1. However, it did reward young players in Mahomes and Kamara after having veteran like performances for their teams.

Who do you think deserves the biggest upgrade? Let us know in the comments section below.

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