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Madden 19 October Patch Update Released

EA Sports has pushed out a patch that fixes a few common issues as well as adding a few new features.

The most notable one is the ability to hot route players to post routes, corner routes, stink n nod routes, and angle routes in MUT by enabling a chemistry.

Check out the full details below.

Key Highlights

  • Gameplay
    • Added new celebrations for both player signatures and team celebrations
    • Tuned to address a Field Goal Block exploit
  • Franchise
    • Retractable roof stadiums can now open in Franchise
    • Commentary is now available for players edited in the Draft Class creator
  • Madden Ultimate Team
    • Added new ability called “Route Specialist” that gives receivers unique hot routes based on their position and ratings

Change Log

  • Made general stability improvements

Franchise Updates

  • NOTE: All changes will be available to existing Cloud and Offline Franchises.
    • Added ability for Atlanta, Houston, Arizona, Indianapolis, and Dallas to have an open roof when the weather is within acceptable NFL standards
    • Added ability for the commentary to reference edited Draft Class players if the name has been recorded
    • Fixed issue where Formation Subs would not save for 4-3 Wide, Nickel 3-3-5, Nickel 3-3-5 Wide, and Nickel Double A Gap
    • Fixed the issue in Cloud Franchise where draft feedback incorrectly states “You Reached”
    • Fixed an issue where body appearance settings were not saved when editing a Draft Class
    • Fixed an issue where Field Goal stats weren’t tracking when a Punter starts as KOS
    • Fixed the issue causing the game to not proceed when starting a Cloud Franchise
    • Fixed an issue where snapshots won’t save when the game time is long
    • Fixed alignment of Team Success menu when rendering in 4K
    • Fixed situations where text can overlap in the News menu
    • Fixed overlapping text issue on Staff Changes menu
    • Fixed overlapping text issue on Re-Sign Staff menu
    • Added team color to the Team Salaries menu

Visual Updates

  • Updated player likeness for the following players:
    • Saints HB Alvin Kamara
    • Packers CB Jaire Alexander
    • Packers QB DeShone Kizer
    • Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin
    • Buccaneers HB Peyton Barber
    • Ravens HB Alex Collins
    • Ravens CB Tavon Young
    • Saints CB Ken Crawley
    • Saints RT Ryan Ramczyk
    • Saints FS Marcus Williams
    • Falcons TE Austin Hooper
    • Cowboys P Chris Jones
    • Redskins SS Montae Nicholson
    • Steelers QB Mason Rudolph
    • Browns CB Denzel Ward
  • More than doubled the number of Team Celebrations available after Touchdowns via the user-celebration mechanic
  • Added new signature TD celebrations for Cowboys HB Ezekiel Elliott
  • Added the Billionaire Strut to the Swagger user-celebration option
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the Passing Feedback text to stay on the screen too long
  • Fixed an issue causing the Jumbotron in the Eagles stadium to have an incorrect display image
  • Added new helmets and facemasks
    • Schutt F7 Helmet shell
    • Schutt Vengeance Z10 Helmet shell
    • Xenith Epic Helmet shell
    • Six new Schutt F7 Facemasks:
      • 2-bar
      • 3-bar
      • 3-bar RB
      • Robot
      • Robot RB
      • Fullcage

Gameplay Updates

  • Tuning
    • Tuned to increase the frequency of Facemask penalties when setting the Strip Ball coach adjustment to Aggressive
    • Tuned to allow QB’s a chance to fumble when tackled with a hit stick, even when holding down the Cover-Ball mechanic on RB/R1 – this applies to Competitive and Simulation game styles
    • Tuned to improve the running animation used when a ball carrier makes slight direction changes while holding the Acceleration Burst mechanic
    • Tuned to decrease disengage angles for defenders vs. the run game
      • DEV NOTE: A disengage is different than a block shed and is dictated by the STR rating of the two players involved in the block. By decreasing the angles, defenders will have to wait longer to disengage away from blockers as the ball carrier runs through the line. When looking at game data, we have seen that scoring and yards gained are below our target ranges, which led to this tuning change  this applies to all game styles and difficulty levels.
    • Added logic to prevent extremely late Fair Catch calls on kick returns
      • DEV NOTE: When catching on a kick or punt return, there will now be a limited time window open to call for a fair catch. When the window closes, you will see the receiver “Lock” icon inside the player indicator to tell you that a fair catch can no longer be called. This aligns with NFL rules around fair catch calls, and also solves problems when catching the kick with an extremely late fair catch that would interfere with the catch animation.
    • Tuned stamina when holding down the acceleration burst mechanic to better align defensive players with offensive players – this applies to Competitive and Simulation game styles
  • Pass Coverage
    • Improved zone logic for Cover 3 and Cover 4 vs. multiple crossing routes, such as PA Boot Over plays
    • Finished the fix from previous title update so that Cover 3 will correctly cover both the flat and the wheel routes on Fake Screen Wheel plays
    • Fixed an issue causing deep zone players to sometimes not react to deep routes when using Man Up 3 Deep out of the Quarter formation
    • Improved zone logic for Cover 6 and Cover 4 Quarters coverages vs. Trips formations
    • Tuned to decrease the frequency of defenders playing the ball when covering routes well in front of the intended receiver
  • Real Player Motion
    • Addressed an issue causing kick and punt returners to sometimes use different running animations than when they were playing in their regular positions
    • Fixed a rare issue causing players to shuffle and/or run off the field after the end of a play
    • Fixed a rare issue causing the QB to throw a very inaccurate pass either sideways or backwards when throwing a short route to a receiver making a sudden change of direction
    • Fixed an issue causing the QB to sometimes fail to hand the ball to the back on HB Blunt Dive plays
    • Fixed an issue causing the ball to appear in the wrong hand for punters on Safety punts
  • Pre-Play
    • Addressed a rare online exploit being used with custom playbooks that caused the offensive team to leave the field, forcing the defensive user to quit the game and take the loss
      • DEV NOTE: If a user with an existing custom playbook attempts this exploit moving forward, the offensive line will huddle up by the ball and the offensive user will be penalized.
    • Tuned to improve jog animations after huddle breaks
    • Addressed an issue allowing offensive players to reset defensive player’s adjustments by using audibles in pre-play
    • Addressed an issue causing defensive linemen to move into each other when using audibles on Field Goal block plays
    • Removed ability to motion the inside TE in the I-Form Wing formation due to targeting issues it would cause that could lead to a fumble
    • Tuned to improve defensive back movement animations when getting set at the line in a press or man coverage position
  • Catching
    • Addressed an issue preventing a catch animation from triggering if the user had Bad Ballhawk Timing on an Interception attempt – now a catch animation will trigger, even if the button is pressed too early, but will still result in a drop
    • Made improvements to animation coverage for fumble recoveries
  • Blocking
    • Tuned to improve pass block targeting for running backs in the backfield
    • Fixed some issues causing blocking fullbacks on toss plays to obstruct the toss and cause a fumble vs. heavy defensive fronts, such as vs. Field Goal block formations
    • Improved logic for pass rush exploits dealing with defenders placed in a coverage or QB Spy assignment who would then quickly rush up the middle of the formation
    • Addressed an exploit around Field Goal blocks
  • NFL Rules
    • Fixed an issue preventing Illegal Block in the Back penalties from triggering in Simulation Game Style

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Added new MUT ability – Route Specialist – which gives receivers unique hot routes based on their position and ratings, such as Post, Corner, Angle, and Stick ‘n Nod routes
  • Fixed an issue causing players in MUT equipped with the Situational Pass Rush ability to lose stamina too quickly
  • Fixed an issue preventing the MUT Footsteps ability from applying the proper penalty to receivers on Competitive game style
  • Addressed an issue preventing the MUT Under Pressure ability from applying the proper bonuses
  • Addressed an issue preventing the MUT Out My Way ability from applying the proper bonuses
  • Addressed an issue preventing the MUT Stiff Arm Specialist ability from applying the proper bonuses
  • Addressed an issue preventing WR Off the Line release mechanics (Footfire and Change-Up) from working properly in MUT Squads
  • Added the ability to post auctions with a specific value
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5 years ago

Madden need to fix the nano blitzing in the game . Especially In all madden if someone abusing the nano blitzes the AI should recognize it and should be able to burn them going downfield. Fix the nano blitzes in the game tone it down .its not fun as soon you hike the ball your sack . Thank you

5 years ago

Madden is ripping it’s loyal customers off when they put this Madden 19 out. I get the patch updates to fix gameplay and add new helmet equipment but overall it’s a bunch of bs that we have to wait months on in to get a decent amount of player likeness when they brag about how they are at the NFL combine every year and scam almost if not all if the rookies coming out but we didn’t even get half of a draft class. On top of that we see them add kickers and backup quarterbacks of late rounds or undrafted players to the Cowboys every year but they aren’t too concerned with first round draft picks or even All Pro or Pro Bowl players. Every year I smh when I don’t see Earl Thomas, Vic Beasley, Xavier Rhodes, Joe Mixon etc who have been balling or in Mixons case is starting to ball out since last year continue to be left out. How about you show the 49ers Raiders Vikings along with these rookies and up in coming players some love. I don’t see how players can lead the league in sacks, interceptions, plays from scrimmage etc and they go almost a whole career without getting a scam. It’s 2018 and players want real representation of themselves on the only pro football game. Gamers do even more so EA/ Madden step your game up with a huge patch update like a few years ago when it was a 320 or something update. Stop rushing a game that isn’t finished and charging full price. Like what’s up with the Pro Bowl and playing in it. Madden is the only sports game where you can’t play the Allstar game. Please join me if you feel what I’m sayig

michael ECK
michael ECK
4 years ago

I am playing madden 19 on computer and I can’t even find out how to download the new patch please help