In today’s Madden School tip, we are going over a way to absolutely destroy any cover 3 defense in Madden 19. We have 2 reads against every common coverage so even if our opponent manually users something to take it away, we can still get 1 guy open.

Check out the full breakdown below.


Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs

Formation: Gun Tight Slots

Play: PA Seam


  1. Put your Y/triangle slot receiver on a fade route
  2. Put your tight end on a slant route
  3. (Optional) Block your running back


  1. Your first look against cover 3 defenses is the Y/triangle receiver on the fade route (lead pass to the sideline)
  2. If he is covered, your X/square receiver on the crossing route gets open against any coverage
  3. You also have your tight end on the slant route
  4. Against cover 2, you can try to hit the B/circle receiver deep as well (lead pass to the inside).

Overview: This play is extremely dangerous because it is a 1 play touchdown against any cover 3 defense and has multiple reads for every other type of defense.