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Madden 19 Custom Playbooks From Madden School

Our Madden 19 downloadable custom playbooks are now available on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.

Check out the video below for how to download them directly to your console and use them in game.

Madden 19 Custom Playbooks From Madden School

How To Download Our Madden 19 Custom Playbooks

  1. Go to the main menu and scroll over until you see the settings icon (looks like a gear or a circle). Click on that
  2. Scroll down and click on “Share & Manage Files”
  3. Select “Download Community Files”
  4. Press Y/Triangle to bring up the search. Click on “Search for Gamertag” or “Search for Online ID”
  5. If you are on XBOX One enter, “IanMaddenSchool” into the search
  6. If you are on PlayStation 4 enter, “Modrewgnu” into the search
  7. Click done. You should then see our 2 custom playbooks which you can download

If you have any trouble downloading our custom playbooks leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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  1. Are all of the ebooks included in the playbooksv

  2. the offense playbook is messed up for ps4!! You have to add every play in the formation save it ,then go back to it to delete the plays you don’t want or the name of the formation will not be correct!!

    1. Thanks for reporting that, we’ll take a look

  3. I typed the book name exactly in ps4 vut nothing was found….

    1. You have to search via online ID or gamertag

  4. Where can we find the audibles setup for these custom DL playbooks?

  5. Question:

    Are you able to do an e book for the custom playbooks? I ask because plays like SE dig are not included.

    1. Hi, the custom playbooks are just a collection of all of the plays from our ebooks.

  6. Hey guys the xbox one version of the playbook is messed up playing online. When you view shotgun Tight, it glitched and does not show formation or plays.


    1. Thanks for reporting that. We are working on getting a fix out

  7. Thanks for reporting that. We are working on getting a fix out

  8. defensive playbook is not showing up on download screen. offense playbook only (ps4)

  9. Gun Bunch is missing from the xbox one version of the offensive playbook.

    1. Nvm it’s there, but it’s not under shotgun. It is under Hail Mary.