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Madden 19: Creating An Effective Blitz From 3-4 Under

In this Madden 19 tip, Madden School pro SnA Exclusive is back with a blitz concept he uses to bring pressure.

The beauty of this concept is it can be done from different plays so you don’t have to give away the coverage you are play,

Check out the full analysis below.

Madden 19 3-4 Under Overload Blitz

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers (and others – Find out which with the MS Playbook Tool)

Formation: 3-4 Under

Play: Any play with the MLB #2 blitzing


  1. QB Contain
  2. Base align (optional but recommended)
  3. Crash DL down (optional)
  4. Blitz the OLB on the left side of the screen if he’s not already blitzing

Description: The pressure from this concept allows you to blitz consistently with 5 guys and force the offense to block a RB or slide protect left every time. You can bring the same pressure from man or zone looks, and not give away your coverage in the process.

This is an example of a play that will work with this 3-4 Under Blitz concept.

You can see right away that our defensive end on the left engages the LG which leaves our linebacker with a free lane to the QB.

We get a quick sack and an 8 yard loss.

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