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madden 18 player ratings

Madden 18 Week 7 Player Ratings Update Winners And Losers

The latest roster is now available to download, and as always the pros at Madden School have all this week’s ratings highlights. Madden School is dedicated to keeping you informed on all the latest player ratings news and expert analysis. Here are the Madden 18 week 7 player ratings update winners and losers.


Brandon Scherff RG Washington Redskins

Up 5 points from 83 to 88 overall

Scherff’s rise in the ratings is due to his team’s ability to run the ball. Scherff came up by 5 huge points this week, and that’s mostly due to his RBK rating going up by 7 big points. Scherff’s AWR also rose by 5 points all the way up to a 95 rating. Washington is becoming a popular team to use online, and part of that is the strong O-Line. If you like to play with Washington, then you have to love this ratings boost.

Ken Crawley CB New Orleans Saints

Up 3 points from 78 to 81 overall

The Saints Defense is absolutely on fire, and the boost to Crawley’s overall rating is well deserved. In fact, Crawley has seen his overall ratings go up by a whopping 10 points over the course of the season. Crawley’s MCV, ZCV, and PRS ratings all rose by 1 point while his PRC and PUR ratings rose by 4 and 5, respectively. The Saints CB’s needed a ratings boost in the worst way, and Crawley’s jump into the 80’s is incredibly welcomed by those of you who roll with New Orleans.

Domata Peko, Sr. DT Denver Broncos

Up 3 points from a 76 to 79 overall.

Peko has been playing like a beast as part of the best run D in football, so this ratings boost is much deserved. Peko’s BSH rating in particular rose by an amazing 5 points from an 80 to an 85. Block Shedding is a big category for DT’s in Madden making Peko a big winner in the player ratings update. That’s not all as Peko’s TKL went up by 3 and his PRC by 2. Denver’s D is increasingly difficult to move the ball against in Madden 18, and they just got better. If you like using the Broncos, then you’re happy this D-Line’s ratings are going up.


Vernon Davis TE Washington Redskins

Down 6 points from 87 to 81 overall

It was a big week for Washington players in the Madden 18 player ratings update. Davis’s overall ratings fell off by a whopping 6 points this week. The biggest reason for this fall off doesn’t really have much to do with Davis’s ability to catch the ball. In fact, his CTH and CIT ratings both went up by 1 point. This fall off is due to his RBK falling by 20 points and his PBK ratings by 11 points. Not entirely sure why these numbers were so dramatically reduced from last week’s ratings, but they were. This makes Davis one of our losers in the Madden 18 player ratings update. FYI: Davis’s TE counterpart, Jordan Reed, also fell off by 3 points, making him a big loser in the ratings update, but only so many Redskins can make the list–right?

Ryan Schraeder RT Atlanta Falcons

Down 3 points from 87 to 84 overall

Schraeder’s Madden rating is suffering as his team struggles, and as he got beat for some sacks recently too. The RT fell off a big 4 points in his PBK and 2 points in his RBK. That might not seem like a whole lot, but it adds up over the season as those numbers have already seen a dip in recent weeks. It’s becoming easier to get to Matt Ryan in online H2H games as his O-line’s ratings have been slipping, and this is another big blow. Schraeder, and the Falcons, are losers in this week’s Madden 18 player ratings update.

Sean Smith CB Oakland Raiders

Down 4 points from 77 to 73 overall

Smith’s Madden 18 rating is in free fall since launch as it has plummeted 13 points. Smith’s overall rating has fallen from an 86 all the way to a 73 over the course of the season. The Raiders secondary can’t sustain these ratings hits. If you like playing with Oakland, then this one hurts a lot. Smith saw significant decreases in his AWR, MCV, ZCV, PRS, and PRC ratings. His AWR is down by 4 with his MCV and ZCV by 2. Smith’s PRC and PRS dropped by an incredible 6 and 4, respectively. Smith is undoubtedly a big loser in the Madden 18 player ratings update.

That just about does it for our week 7 ratings update. See any that we missed? Who are some of your big winners and losers from the ratings update? Feel free to share your thoughts and get the conversation started in the comments section below.

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