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Madden 18: Gun Y-Trips Offset Wk – PA Read

In this free Madden School tip, we are going over a play that beats both cover 2 and cover 4 defenses in Madden NFL 18.

Make sure to mix this up with other plays from the same formation to keep your opponent guessing.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 18: Gun Y Trips Offset Wk - Pa Read

Playbook: Philadelphia Eagles

Formation: Gun Y Trips Offset WK

Play: PA Read


  1. Hot route your A/X receiver to a streak
  2. Hot Route B/O receiver to a slant
  3. Slide O-Line protection to the right
  4. Hot route your RB to pass protect

Reads Against Cover 2:

  1. Your first read is always your X/square receiver on the post. (You want to throw it once he has started the break on his post route, behind the TE on the streak.)
  2. If the opponent is usering his middle linebacker, and drops deep to cover the post, look to hit your B/O receiver on the slant.

Reads Against Cover 4:

  1. Your first read against cover 4 is going to be RB/R1 receiver on the crossing route.
  2. Your check down remains the B/O receiver.

Overview: This play beats both cover 2 and cover 4 defenses pretty effectively.

Let’s take a look at this play in more detail.

This is how the play art should look before you snap the ball.

You can see that we actually have a few receivers that will get open.

We catch the pass, resulting in a 30 yard gain and a touchdown.

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can we get a philly book?

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