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Madden 18: Gun Wing Slot Offset – Wheel Post Drag

In this free Madden 18 tip, Stickwork is going over a way to beat cover 2 deep down the middle of the field.

Check out our full breakdown below.

Madden 18 Passing Tip: Gun Wing Slot Offset - Wheel Post Drag

Playbook: Tennessee Titans (Also in the Arizona Cardinals PB which our first Madden 18 offensive ebook is based out of)

Formation: Gun Wing Slot Offset

Play: Wheel Post Drag


  1. Drag the A/X tight dnd


  1. The main read on the play is the X/Square receiver deep over the middle
  2. If that is not there, check down to the A/X tight end on the drag
  3. Then look to the running back out of the back field

Overview: The Y/Triangle receiver on this play takes the deep blue to the left of the field leaving the middle wide open for the X/Square receiver. This is a cover 2 beater that can result in huge yardage, while also having safe check downs as well.

Let’s take a look at how this play works in a little more detail…

After we snap the ball, right away it is pretty that our opponent is in a cover 2 defense.  Based on the safeties’ positioning.

We know to throw it to our receiver on the deep post route.

We catch the pass for a 30 yard gain and a touchdown.

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