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Madden 18: Gun Trey – PA Post Shot

In this free Madden School tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a way to beat every common defense in Madden 18.

You can check out the full setup below.

Madden 18 Money Play: Gun Trey - PA Post Shot

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Gun Trey

Play: PA Post Shot

Setup Against Cover 2:

  1. Put your X/square WR on a fade route

Setup Against Cover 3:

  1. Put your X/square WR on a fade route
  2. Put your TE on an out route or drag route

Setup Against Man Coverage:

  1. Put your TE on a drag route
  2. Put your X/square WR on a deep in


  1. Your first read is the B/circle WR on the fast cross
  2. Then look to your Y/triangle WR on a deep post
  3. Then look to your other options on this play

Summary: Being able to attack several areas of the field with one play is crucial for success in Madden. With this play, no matter what coverage or user your opponent throws at you, you should always be able to find an open WR to gain a big chunk of yards.

Let’s take a deeper look at this play.

This is how the setup should look against a cover 2 defense.

You can see how much open space we have to hit our Y/triangle receiver.

We catch the pass for a touchdown with no defenders anywhere near us.

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