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Madden 18 Goalline Play: SB Deuce Close – HB Stretch

It is  extremely important to be able to punch the ball into the endzone once you get close to the goalline.  In this free Madden 18 tip, we are going over an easy play that you can run to either side to get those tough yards.

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Madden 18 Goalline Play: Singleback Deuce Close - HB Stretch

Playbook: Cleveland Browns

Formation: Singleback Deuce Close

Play: HB Stretch


  1. (Optional) Flip the play if the defense is weaker to the other side.

Overview: This run is very effective because your opponent can’t tell which side you are going to run to. This is because you can flip the play and nobody on the offense moves so your opponent won’t see that you flipped the play. Follow your blockers and it will result in easy yardage in goalline situations.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.  If you are using the Cleveland Browns playbook, you might also want to consider implementing this play into your Madden 18 scheme.

This is how the play should look before you snap the ball.  Remember, you can flip the run to either side depending on what the defense is giving you.

Right away we can see our blocks opening up a big hole for us.

We walk into the endzone for an easy 3 yard gain.

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6 years ago

This play is really nasty

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