Yesterday we went over how to bring pressure off the right edge in Madden 18.  Today, we are going over how to bring pressure from the other side with the exact same look.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens (and many others)

Formation: 3-4 Even

Play: OLB Strike 2


  1. Base Align
  2. Shift your LB’s left – manually keep the LOLB (on the right side of the screen) in his default spot
  3. Crash your defensive line down
  4. Globally blitz all LB’s OR Manually blitz MLB #2 (on the left)
  5. Fake blitz over the C with MLB #1
  6. Put the LOLB (on the right side of the screen) into a zone

Summary: In part 2, we are covering how you can bring left edge pressure using the same base setup as in part 1, with some slight adjustments.

There are a lot of steps, but they can mostly be done from the d-pad and get done very quickly once you have it memorized. We’re sending 4 or 5 guys in this setup and it’s a good variation to our right edge pressure.