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Madden 17 Run Defense: How To Stop Counter Plays

In today’s free tip, we are going over how to stop HB Counter out of the Pistol Ace formation which is a very common running play in Madden 17.  This play does a good job of slowing most counter plays in the game and isn’t just limited to the Pistol Ace formation.

You can check it out below.

Madden 17: How to Stop Pistol Ace HB Counter

Playbook: Any 4-3

Formation: 4-3 Stack

Play: Cover 4


  1. (Optional) Base Align
  2. Pinch your defensive line and crash them down
  3. Spread your linebackers

Overview: Getting to the outside of the pulling blockers is the formula for stopping counter runs, and Cover 4 is a very effective way to do that.

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  1. Good strategy @ Sna. I use the 3-4 over ed formation, cover 4. Spread the LBs and pull the safeties down a little closer and a step wider. I dont pinch the line but i do crash them down so i can shoot the gap with a linebacker easier and catch the Rb in the backfield .

  2. The video shows 4-3 normal, but the description is 4-3 Stack. I assume both work, but is Normal or Stack preferred?

    1. It is called 4-3 normal in regular playbooks and 4-3 Stack in custom playbooks. Same formation just different names.

      1. thank you for all that tips I’m in 20 game.winning streak bro your tips help me a who lot