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Madden 17 Money Scheme: I-Form Pro

Today SnA Exclusive is going over a really simple 3 play money scheme that is sure to help you move the ball in Madden 17.  We have a run up the middle, a run to the outside, and a very effective passing play.

One of the best parts about this scheme is that it is based out of one of the most common formations in Madden NFL 17 so you can use it with a bunch of different playbooks.

You can check it out below.

Madden 17 Money Scheme: I Form Pro Scheme

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens (And Many Others)

Formation: I-Form Pro

Play(s): Outside Zone, PA Scissors, HB Iso


  1. Hot route your X/square WR to a Fade route
  2. Slide protect left (unless you see an overload to the right)


  1. Read the safeties, if they split, look to throw to your B/circle WR
  2. If they show a cover 3 look post-snap, look for your X/square WR then look for your TE on the corner

Overview: This scheme revolves around making pre-snap reads on the corners and safeties.  You should usually come out in the Outside Zone and if the corners are in press coverage, audible to PA Scissors and look for a touchdown.

If the corners are in off coverage, look to run the ball. Use this scheme as a way to chew clock late in games or as an opening drive scheme when people are generally more conservative with their play calling.

Let’s take a closer look at the PA Scissors play.


This is the final play art.  Notice that we are slide protecting left and we put our receiver on the left on a fade route


Our first look after the snap is to read the safeties.  In this case it looks like a cover 2 defense.


That means that we will be looking to our B/circle receiver on the post route.


We catch the ball for about a 20-25 yard gain.

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Derrick hagood
Derrick hagood
7 years ago

Everything from the ravens

7 years ago
Reply to  Derrick hagood

I play on the mrfreeze864.i play with the in a League. My office is bad I love to run and pass. Nothing is working. Flacco throw the ball way off base