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Madden 17 Money Play: Gun Split Close HB Wheel

We just released a huge new update today to our Madden 17 Seattle Offensive eBook.  5 more formations and 24 more plays were added bringing it up to a total of 8 formations and 44 plays.  Madden School Unlimited members can check it out now in the members area.  If you are not already a Madden School Unlimited member, join us today and get instant access to all our Madden 17 eBooks.

Today’s free Madden 17 money play is extremely effective against pretty much any coverage you will encounter.  You can check out the full setup below.

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: Gun Split Close

Play: HB Wheel


  1. Put the B/circle receiver on a drag route


Zone reads

  1. The quick hits out of the backfield on both sides are the first reads in this play
  2. Next look to the B/circle receiver on the drag route
  3. Last, wait till the X/square receiver is passed the zone down the field and hit him a few steps after his cut

Man reads

  1. The quick read on this play is the drag across the middle
  2. The second read is the A/X receiver on the corner route
  3. The next read is the X/square receiver over the middle
  4. The last read is the running back on the wheel route if you have enough time in the pocket

Overview: This is a very efficient base play in the formation Split Close. It is good to come out in this play because it is one simple hot route. The other thing about this play is the fact that it can beat both man and zone set up the exact same way. A play like this can cause a headache for the opponent due to the fact that no matter what they call, if you make the correct read you will gain yards.

madden 17 hb wheel 1

This is how the play art should look right before you snap the ball.

madden 17 hb wheel 2

You can see right away both of our running backs in the flat are open.

madden 17 hb wheel 3

We instead decide to wait until our receiver on the post gets open.

madden 17 hb wheel 4

We throw it up to him and aggressive catch it got a gain of about 18 yards.

What do you think of this play?  Let us know how you run it in the comments section below.

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