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Madden 17 Mini Scheme: Gun Snugs Flip

In today’s free Madden School breakdown, we are going over the Gun Snugs flip formation.  It is one of the most versatile formations in the game and when you run it correctly, it can be hard for your opponents to stop.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

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Madden 17 Gun Snugs Flip Mini Scheme

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Gun Snugs Flip (Gun Tight Slots in custom playbooks)

Play: Bench Swap

Setup: (See video)


  1. Man Coverage –> Throw the corner routes
  2. Zone Coverage –> Look for hard-flats and throw the out route or the corners

Overview: Snugs and “compressed” formations are huge in Madden 17, and for good reason. They can’t be pressed, they are good for running the ball, and they offer a lot of confusion, flexibility, and simplicity.

This play by default shreds man and zone coverage, forcing your opponent to adjust to what you’re doing and forcing them to only play zone coverage or suffer the consequences.

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