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Madden 17 Gun Tight Offset TE Mini eBook

Our Madden 17 Gun Tight Offset TE Mini eBook is now available!  This ebook goes deep into the Gun Tight Offset TE formation and we break down the reads for each play against every common coverage in Madden 17.

The layout of this mini ebook is a little different than our usual ebooks, so be sure to let us know if you prefer the new format or the old format.

Madden School Unlimited members can view the ebook now inside of the members area.

As always, here is a free preview of what to expect from this ebook.

Madden 17: Gun Tight Offset TE eBook Free Preview

This eBook is only available to Madden School Unlimited members!  If you are interested in becoming a Madden School Unlimited member, here is where you can learn more about it.  Or you can become a Madden School Unlimited member by checking out below.

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Kai Cogmon
Kai Cogmon
7 years ago

Can you purchase the Gun Tight OffSet TE Ebook by itself

7 years ago

Is this guide going to ever become buy able to the public?