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Madden 16 Special Teams Tip: Fake Punt Pass 2

This is our first special teams tip of Madden NFL 16.  We usually don’t spend too much time on special teams but this one is really effective and it will help you win more games.

Take a look at how to run it below.

How To Get 20+ yards using Fake Punt Pass 2 in Madden 16

Playbook: All

Formation: Special Teams

Play: Fake Punt Pass 2

Setup: None required


  1. Your first and really only read is your receiver with only 1 cornerback near him.
  2. If he doesn’t get off the press coverage well, then take off and run with your punter.

Overview: Call this play when you need it.  It won’t work more than once per game because once your opponent expects it, he will manually shut it down.  The throw does take a little practice to get down.  You can’t bullet pass it or lob it.  It has to be right in the middle with no lead passing.

Let’s take a look at what we want to see.

Madden 16 Fake Punt Pass 2 Screenshot #1

Most of the time, this will happen on the right side of the screen.

Madden 16 Fake Punt Pass 2 Screenshot #2

We want to see the cornerback miss his press coverage which allows us a small window to throw the ball.

Madden 16 Fake Punt Pass 2 Screenshot #3

We catch it about 12 yards downfield and we have some room to run since no one is around us other than the cornerback who missed his jam at the line of scrimmage.

Madden 16 Fake Punt Pass 2 Screenshot #4

By the time our receiver gets tackled we have a gain of about 42 yards.

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