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Madden 16 Money Play – Drag Fork

It has been a few weeks since our last free Madden 16 tip, mainly because we have been focusing on putting out 2 new ebooks for our Madden School Unlimited members.  However, today we are back with a Madden 16 money play that isn’t too hard to set up but is still extremely effective.

Check out the full video breakdown below and then try to work this play into your scheme.

Madden 16 Money Play: Gun Trey Open Saint - Drag Fork

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: Gun Trey Open Saint

Play: Drag Fork


  1. Hot route your A/X receiver to a flat route
  2. Hot route your X/square receiver to a slant or drag route
  3. Block your running back


  1. Against most zone defenses, your RB/R1 receiver should be open.  If he is covered, throw it to the A/X receiver in the flat
  2. Against man to man defense, look immediately to your X/square receiver on the slant or drag

Overview: Call this play when you are expecting your opponent to be in a cover 3 or cover 4 defense.  It works against man to man defense as well but not for as many yards.

Make sure you have a good tight end or receiver subbed in at your X/square receiver position.

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7 years ago

Added this to my plays kills them on the out route everytime. Nd it’s perfect when u need to get out of bounds to stop the cloc

7 years ago

When will the first madden 17 snook be released?

7 years ago