The Madden 16 Minnesota Defense eBook for the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 is now available.  All of the plays can be found in the Minnesota Vikings defensive playbook and it is perfect for head to head, MUT, or online franchise.

Our first defensive ebook focused on the 3-4.  This one focuses on the 4-3 defense.  The Minnesota defensive ebook focuses on insanely fast nano blitzes but also has some coverage plays and run stoppers.

This ebook can be used with any team in Madden 16, your franchise team, or ultimate team.  Every play in the eBook comes with a full written breakdown and an HD video.

Here is one of the plays found in the ebook:

The Madden 16 Minnesota Defensive eBook covers 6 different formations.  Each formation contains from 3-6 plays.

  • 4-3 Under
  • 46 Normal
  • Nickel 3-3-5 Wide
  • Nickel Wide 9
  • Nickel DBL A Gap
  • Quarter Normal

This eBook is no longer for sale and is only available to Unlimited members.  Access all our eBooks today by signing up for Madden School Unlimited.

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