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Madden 16: Gun Empty Saints – Hitch Seams

In this Madden 16 money play, we are going over a play found in the New Orleans Saints playbook that can give opposing defenses nightmares.  It has routes that beat both man and zone coverage.

The full breakdown is below.  We also have a new mini eBook for Madden School Unlimited members.  You can take a look at the free play from that eBook here.

Madden 16 Money Play: Gun Empty Saint Hitch Seams

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: Gun Empty Saint

Play: Hitch Seams


  1. Put the Y/triangle receiver on a drag route.
  2. Put the X/square receiver on a slant route.


  1. The main read on this play is to read the corner on the right of the screen.  If he is not pressing the B/circle route will be open.
  2. Next, if the B/circle route is covered you want to look for Y/triangle on the drag route and the B/circle receiver will pick up a key block.
  3. If these routes are covered, try to buy time in the pocket or roll out to hit the A/X receiver who is on a blue route which can lead to massive gains.

Overview: In our opinion this play is one of the best plays in the game this year. It is primarily a zone beater, but also has the capability of beating man as shown in the video.

The reason why this play works so well against zone is because of the angle of the RB/R1 receivers route.  He causes the zones to suck in and sit with him leaving the B/circle receiver wide open to catch and turn up the field for a big gain. The versatility of the routes in this play will create havoc for the defense the entire game.

Let’s take a look at this play in more detail.

Madden 16 Hitch Seams #1

We can see that the outside cornerbacks aren’t in press coverage, so this play should work really well.

Madden 16 Hitch Seams

We get the ball out really quickly to our B/circle receiver on the hitch route.

Madden 16 Hitch Seams #3

It is an easy 8 yards and we can turn it up field for a few more.

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8 years ago

What plays should I use to beat cover 2 sink and if he presses and he does overtop what routes shou
D he do

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I do sorry

8 years ago

Beating John’s azz down the street lma0 stick & baby yall need yall on show seriously love yall keep it up

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