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Madden 15: Singleback Snugs Flip – Z Option

Having a play that beats the most common coverages like cover 2, cover 3, and cover 2 man is essential if you want to be competitive in Madden 15.

Yoda has the full breakdown below.

Madden NFL 15 Money Play: Singleback Snugs Flip - Z Option

Formation: Singleback Snugs Flip

Play: Z Option


  1. Put your Y/triangle receiver on a streak and motion him to the right


  1. Your tight end on the wheel route
  2. Then look to your Y/triangle receiver
  3. Or your B/circle receiver depending on the coverage

Overview: There are reads on this play that should be open against the most common defenses you’ll encounter in Madden 15.

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  1. That play isn’t in my single back snug flipped? Any ideas why?

  2. Try singleback tight formation it might be there.

  3. Impossible to find this play went through every damn formation .