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Madden 15 Edge Heat: 3-4 Bear – Pinch Dog 3

Bringing pressure out of the 3-4 defense is very hard to do in Madden 15.  SnA Exclusive found a few fairly simply ways to get edge heat out of the 3-4 Bear formation.

The full video breakdown and setups can be found below.

Madden 15 Defense: 3-4 Bear Mini Scheme

Playbook: Any 3-4 (I use KC for this)

Formation: 3-4 Bear (Flipped)

Play: Pinch Dog 3


Generic right edge:

  1. Shift D-Line right
  2. Hot route ILB #1 (on the left of the screen) to a QB spy

Double Edge heat (inconsistent)

  1. Spread D-Line
  2. Re-blitz ILB #1 (that you usually put in a spy)

Delay B-Gap blitz:

  1. Base Align
  2. Globally blitz all LB
  3. Spread D-Line
  4. Drop ROLB into flat zone or zone of choice
  5. Put ILB #1 (on left of screen) into a QB spy

4 Man Right Edge heat (inconsistent):

  1. Base Align (optional)
  2. Shift DL right
  3. Drop ROLB into a flat zone
  4. QB spy ILB #1 (left on screen)

Overview: Getting pressure from the 3-4 is something that hasn’t really been in Madden for the past 2 years. However, with the addition of the 3-4 Bear, if you have a 3-4 base you can now bring pressure from the 3-4 formations using this setup, which is very versatile and very easy and doesn’t require more than 4 people sometimes to get pressure, depending on what you want to do

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9 years ago

Sna ur a beast dude! This is the 34 site. Do a 34 ebook and I’ll buy it.

Ps. Go ravens

7 years ago

Honestly what’s a global Blitz and how do I do it I’m sure I know already and use it every game but just don’t know the correct term I like to call all the extra button animations trigger play and it f****** makes me sick