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3 Play Madden 15 Shotgun Running Scheme – Gun Trey Open Offset

This 3 play shotgun running scheme will give your opponent fits if you have a pretty good running back and a decent offensive line in Madden 15.

We are attacking the left side, right side, and middle part of the field so your opponent can’t key in on taking one thing away.

Let’s dive right in.

Madden NFL 15 Shotgun Running Scheme

Playbook: St. Louis Rams

Formation: Gun Trey Open Offset

Play #1: Wide Trap

Play #2: Inside Zone

Play #3: Counter

Setup: No setup required for any of these plays

Overview: You want to audible to the play that your opponent is giving you.  It is incredibly hard for your opponent to take away the left, middle, and right side of the field all at the same time.  Once you mix these plays in with a few passes from the same formation (we’ll go over a few tomorrow), your opponent won’t know what to do to stop you.

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  1. Good stuff my man. I just ran this gun-trey-open-offset scheme with the ravens and put up 387 rushing. All I need are those passing plays with set up and I’m ready.

  2. Show me a play to beat cover 4 drop when I need to pass down field they tend to go to this coverage leaving me with short passes. It’s getting real annoying

    1. Learn how to rocket/user/face catch. bet they stop going cover 4 then…

    2. Don’t go deep on a cover 4 unless it’s pressed. If you do your screwed. That is it’s strength, throw some screens or shallow crossed at it. If they are giving you the short field take it.

  3. These three plays really made a difference in my shotgun running. Thanks a bunch for this!