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madden nfl 13 soundtrack

Madden 13 To Feature Non-Traditional Soundtrack

madden nfl 13 soundtrack

EA Sports has teamed up with composer Collin O’Malley to compose their own original Madden theme song.  All intial signs point to that song being awesome and memorable like many other inconic sports songs.  However, Madden 13 will not have the traditional soundtrack called EA Trax that included popular rap, hip-hop, and rock songs like it had over the last few years.

Instead, each game mode in Madden NFL 13 will have a scored soundtrack.  This is meant to really bring out the excitement that Madden 13 has to offer.

Overall this is probably a good move for the Madden franchise.  There was never any way of pleasing everyone with the in-game music.  This way they can let the rap vs. rock battle die and come up with something that everyone enjoys.

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  1. sounds like just another way to cut costs, madden developers are pathetic 13 looks teh same as 12 so far IMO

  2. How is writing your own music cutting cost? Its not easy or free.

  3. the madden 13 should have the latest and greatest soundtracks that have to do with football

  4. i never really care, because with Xbox we have the luxury of playing music of our liking in the background…but if i say so the best soundtrack was on ’07 and ’08.

  5. Well, good… if these ppl didn’t really make disgusting music about nasty stuff and insist on shoving it down yur throat like they have no issue with smiling in your face about it- well,,, Let’s talk content if anyone has an issue with my opinion. Is it appropriate for children?… And I don’t care how many times you say Legos or some other junk. The rock rap battle, I kind of hear the argument… but more because some of the rock was a little harsh to the ears frankly not even bringing up your particular tv. Some huge songs come out of Madden and I’d love to listen and play at the same time, I was never able to find how to do it tho. by -More tackle than a bait shop.

    1. “but more because some of the rock was a little harsh to the ears” Are you serious? The rap music on ’11 and ’12 had some of the most disgusting lyrics ever. Not to mention that it was terrible rap anyway. In my opinion, the ’03 soundtrack was the best by a long shot.

      1. my favorite soundtracks was from 03′ to 07′ on madden previous gen

  6. Madden13 in my opinion, was finally EA’s attempt to revive the soundtracking of the Madden franchise. Madden11’s still shocks me. I still cannot believe that was the finalized soundtrack. Especially since Madden10 featured a lot of talented bands. Madden12 wasn’t too satisfying but much better than it’s immediate preqeul. The overload of rap is a killer. There were two catchy songs (6ft, 7ft, & Get the F*** Up) Only because these songs actually DID prepare to get spanked by a Rogers-like Josh Freeman on All-Madden. Just take notes from all the previous soundtracks up until Madden11; rap isn’t the best choice for football songs.

  7. lmao wat an excuse Im african american and alot of the song i enjoyed on the previous madden’s was rock songs… wtf are they talking about rap vs rock that total BS

  8. AWWW!!! i was hoping Madden 13 would have some Living Things songs