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Madden 11 Tournaments

Madden-School will be unveiling its free prize tournament schedule for Madden 11 on August 5th.  Last year madden-school gave out over $700 in prizes to our members and this year we plan on giving out even more.  We will be holding competitive ladders, tournaments, crew wars, and much much more.  We may even throw in a 3v3 co-op tournament.

Madden-school hosts competitions like you have never seen before.  We provide fair tournaments while maintaining competitiveness.  Most other websites either give you fair tournaments where all the gamers are terrible, or they give you competitive tournaments but everyone is cheating.  Rarely do you get both.   We pride ourselves on being some of the nicest people you will meet while maintaining a great desire to win.  If you have never join a Madden-School tournament before, join one in madden 11.

We will be announcing BIG news about our Madden 11 Tournaments soon so keep checking in daily.

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  1. i played last year and came 4th ..SO CLOSE but ive gotton better and hope to blow the competion away add me if you have ps3 and madden 10 its madden_prohesy