In a largely overlooked but very important change to Madden 20, your opponent’s exact offensive formation is listed in the pre-play defensive play call screen.

In previous Madden games, you would be confronted with a generic personnel grouping like 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB after your opponent selected his offensive play. That information indicated that your opponent was in a formation that had 3 wide receivers, 1 tight end, and 1 running back on the field but that is all you had to work with.


That information will still be available to you, but you will also get the exact formation your opponent is coming out in. For example: 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB, Gun Trips TE.

From a theoretical standpoint, simulation style football purists may not be thrilled with the change. After all, defensive substitutions are usually made after you see the personnel grouping the offense is in but well before you know the exact formation the offense is planning on lining up in.

Realistically though, the vast majority of Madden players will either be a fan of this new change or not notice it at all.

Offenses have always had all kinds of advantages in football video games. In Madden 20, they will have even more with the new Superstar X-Factor abilities for quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.


This small change will definitely give a little more power to defenses. After all, many top Madden pros have a very different defense for a formation like Gun Trips TE than they do for Singleback Tight Slots. Now they will be able to implement those defenses more effectively.

Knowing this information before you ever call your defensive play is a big step forward in the right direction for gameplay balance.

Do you like this new change or would you rather they have kept it the same? Let us know in the comments.