Getting pressure on the quarterback is the key to a good defense in any Madden game.  In Madden 17 you will need to be able to quickly identify the best pass rushers to make your team better.

You could be looking at who to select in a fantasy draft, figuring out who to target in Madden Ultimate Team, who to start between 2 pretty even defensive ends, or possibly you are looking to draft a sleeper rookie in franchise mode.


In all of these situations, you will need to know which attributes are important and which can be ignored.  We analyze the top 5 most important pass rushing stats (in no particular order) below.

Speed/Acceleration – You want a defensive end or rush linebacker that is able to get to the quarterback quickly if he comes in untouched.  High speed ratings and high acceleration ratings will make this happen.  The less time the quarterback has to throw, the better chance you will get a sack.

Block Shedding – This attribute determines how well your defender will get off his block.  Some say it is only relevant to the run game, but others claim that a high block shed rating will allow you to get after the quarterback faster as well.  Either way, a player with a good block shedding rating will make your defense much better.

Finesse Moves – The finesse rating is pretty much exactly as it sounds.  How well a player gets around offensive lineman with moves such as a spin.  This rating affects things like the spin move or swim move.


Power Moves – A high power move rating will allow you to overpower most offensive lineman. This allows you to over power your opponent with moves such as a bull rush.

Awareness – This attribute gets overlooked so much in Madden games.  A high awareness rating essentially makes your guy smarter in Madden 17.  He’ll make more plays and it will help with all your other ratings and is something that isn’t too hard to upgrade in connected franchise mode.

Ideally, you will have a combination of all 5 of these attributes.

Most other ratings for defensive ends and rush outside linebackers are just noise and can safely be ignored.  What ratings do you look for in your pass rushers?  Let us know in the comments section.