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How To Slide in Madden 22 (Updated)

Protecting the ball in Madden 21 is extremely important. If you commit just 1 or 2 turnovers in a game there is an excellent chance that you’ll end up losing.

For whatever reason, EA Sports decided to continually rework the controls for sliding which leave a lot of people lost and confused. It doesn’t help that there is lots of old/outated information floating around on the internet about how to slide.

In this post, we are going to go over the new and correct way to slide in Madden 22 on XBOX Series X/S, PlayStation 5, XBOX One, and PlayStation 4.

To slide in Madden 22, all you have to do is tap “X” on XBOX systems or “Square” on Playstation systems. You can do this with any player on the field but it is most commonly done with a quarterback to avoid a big hit.

If you instead want to just cover up the ball to decrease the likely hood of you fumbling, just hold RB/R1 to cover up the ball.

You won’t be able to break many tackles and you won’t run very fast, but you will hold onto the ball. The only exception is if you are a quarterback in which case you may want to slide instead.

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  1. When we play online against other people, we should have the ability to challenge. There are questionable calls made that we should be able to challenge just like in the NFL.
    The Game is AWESOME on all fronts, but the fact that we cannot challenge when playing online takes away from the authenticity of making it “JUST LIKE THE REAL THING”

    Francois Ransom Dallas Texas

  2. I agree. I also found that the solo comparison stats don’t work AND the images on plays does not load quickly. Has anyone else had these experiences?

  3. I’m playing in franchise mode and have tried and tried holding R2 and L2 and pressing either square and X and. Either one works. Square he fumbles easier and X doesn’t do anything

  4. Madden 21
    Why is it EVERY YEAR they put out this game it comes with undocumented commands?

    So I take it there is no more LT button for dropping the passing icons and scramble as well as giving up the QB rather than take the hit because LT is not the celebration trigger, correct?

    So as a QB if you are behind the LOS there is no longer a way to simply go down and take a sack???
    Does the Dive over the line still work or has then been changed or taken away as well?

    1. Yes LT has been taken out this year so there is no longer a way for QBs to go down behind the line.

    2. Yes Lt and square on playstation dive over pile hold. Lt and rt to celebrate on kickoffs and burnt defense

  5. I have the game in I found out to girdle your opener let the defender get close enough to you so you can hurdle and use the x Botton to slide down from the defender.