The time before you snap the ball in Madden 22 is extremely important. You can call audibles, make hot routes, and survey the defense.

You can also quick snap the ball or fake hike the ball.

How To Fake Snap The Ball

When your quarterback gets to the line of scrimmage, press the RB/R1 button to fake snap. You can press it as many times as you’d like but be aware that pressing it too many times will often make one of your players false start.

The benefits of fake snapping the ball is that you might get the defense to jump offsides and give you a free 5 yards.

How To Quick Hike

Quick hiking is a way to catch the defense off guard and hike the ball before they have their play setup.

If you are a more advanced Madden gamer, you know that many of the top players set up complicated and exotic defenses. In order to prevent them from doing that, you can quick snap the ball.

After you pick a play just hurry to the line of scrimmage and press A/X to hike the ball as quick as possible. You won’t be able to make a lot of adjustments to your offense but neither will the defense.