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How To Easily Make Coins In Madden 20

The fastest way to build your Madden 20 Ultimate Team without spending a bunch of money is to have a coin making technique that is repeatable and easy.

There isn’t any way to get rich quick in MUT but today we are going over a really easy way to turn 50,000 coins into 100,000 coins overnight.

Watch the video below for full details.

Step 1: Buy an 82 overall player for 15,500 coins or less or an 83 overall player for 21,000 coins or less.

Players are easily available at this price a few days per week but sometimes will be 10-20% more expensive on other days. If the players are more expensive, it may still be worth it to buy them just do the math.

Step 2: Immediately quicksell that player for training points.

Step 3: Find playbooks that are selling for at least 8,500 coins each

Step 4: Go to the store and purchase those playbooks for 150 training points each.

Step 5: List those playbooks for auction for slightly cheaper than the current cheapest playbook. Set the time period of the auction to 1 day

Step 6: Wait and collect your coins. Don’t expect immediate results. It can take 12-24 hours for your playbooks to sell.

With this technique you can easily buy 10 playbooks really quickly. List them for sale before you go to sleep. When you wake up most of your playbooks will have sold and you will be looking at a profit of anywhere from 3-5k per playbook.

Some of the best playbooks to do this with currently are: West Coast, 46, Run N Gun, Oakland Offense, Panthers Offense, NYG Defense, NYJ Defense.

Make sure to check the going price of the playbooks before you purchase so you don’t get stuck with a playbook that won’t sell for a lot of coins.

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Bro George
Bro George
4 years ago


4 years ago

Wow is right. This is what I am paying for instead of actual gameplay strategies.

4 years ago

Mossza, did you not see the playbooks? Geez. Glad to have all the extra content. Well worth the price.

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