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How To Change Your Defenders’ Assignment In Madden 22

Any good defense in Madden requires you to make at least a few adjustments from the default play in the game. Maybe you need to put a certain defender into man to man coverage, or blitz a linebacker to create pressure.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to change a specific user’s assignment on defense.

Step 1: Select the player whose assignment you want to change

After you select a play and the offense breaks the huddle, press B on XBOX One or Circle on PS4 to scroll over to the play who you want to change.

Step 2: Hit A On XBOX or X on PlayStation

This will confirm that you want to change the defender’s assignment and bring up a defensive adjustments screen.

Step 3: Choose the new assignment you want your defender to play

You will have a lot of different options. You can tell a player to blitz, QB Spy, play various zones, or play man to man defense. Just select the option you want that is listed on the screen.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3

You can change as many players’ assignments as you can before the offense snaps the ball. You aren’t limited to just one adjustment.

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  1. Tired of EA changing things around there is no reason for them to change the audible on defense if there isn’t anything wrong don’t fix it.

  2. Thanks that’s all I need is to know how to put my players on assignment

  3. No matter what you adjust the DB’s to, or LB’s….THEY DONT DO IT!…Also LB’s don’t even get there hands up!

  4. I am having that same issue in the draft games in ultimate team its like the defense dont play