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How And When To Use RAC vs. Possession vs. Aggressive Catch In Madden 22

There are 3 different catch mechanics you can use in Madden 21: Possession catch, aggressive catch, and RAC catch.

They all do different things and they should be used at different times depending on what the situation calls for.

How/When To Use Possession Catch

You will want to use the possession catch mechanic when you are on the sideline and trying to keep your feet in bounds, or if you are coming across the middle and trying to avoid a big hit.

To make a possession catch, just click onto the player you threw to and press A/X.

How/When To Use RAC Catch

“RAC” stands for run after the catch. This is used when you want to catch the ball in stride. An example is a streak route where your receiver has a few steps on his defender.

You don’t want him to slow down to make the catch otherwise he might get caught from behind. Anytime you have open field in front of you use the “RAC” catch.

To make a RAC catch, just click onto the player you threw to and press X/Square.

How/When To Use Aggressive Catch

The aggressive catch mechanic should be used if you throw a ball in traffic and you want your receiver to fight for the ball with the defender. An example of this is if you throw a high point pass to a receiver that has a defender on him, you would use an aggressive catch to catch the ball over the defender.

To make an aggressive catch, just click onto the player you threw to and press Y/triangle.

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3 years ago

When is the best time to hold one of these buttons because I do it and have a lot of drops is there a certain time to press the x,square o button?

2 years ago
Reply to  Coolace1976

I have been doing the sideline possession catch over and over and I still don’t get what is going on

2 years ago

I hate this stupid RAC. I did press everytime and still nothing.

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