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How To Block Dime 1-4-6 In Madden 21

In this Madden School Film Room tip, we are going over how to block our Dime 1-4-6 blitz.

Check it out below!

Playbook: Any

Formation: Any formation that you can have up to 7 blockers

Play: Any Pass Play


  1. Max Protect
  2. Slide protect to the opposite side of your running back
  3. Double team the defensive end on the side of your running back
  4. ID the corner/safety that is blitzing on the side of your running back

Overview: Here we break down how to combat one of the most effective blitzes in the game when set up correctly. If you are playing someone that really knows how to run this blitz from our eBook it will feel impossible to block.

However, we have made it easy for you with this method here, as you see in the video everyone blitzing will be accounted for and you will have a clean pocket. Keep in mind the defense can still blockshed.

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