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How To Audible In Madden 22

Many players find that when they get up to the line of scrimmage, they don’t like the play they called and want to change it.

Calling an audible in Madden 22 is really easy. We break it all down below.

Step 1: Call your original play

In order to audible, your team needs to be at the line of scrimmage. That means that you must call a play that you can audible away from. Be aware that there are a few formations in Madden that will not let you audible to a different formation.

Step 2: Press X on XBOX or Square on PlayStation

This brings up the audible screen which will allow you to change your play call.

Step 3: (Optional) Press left or right to call a play from a different formation

Be aware that you can only audible into formations that require the same personnel grouping. For example if you come out in a formation with 2 tight ends, 2 wide receivers, and 1 running back, you can only audible to another formation that uses those same players.

Step 4: Select the icon for the new play you’d like to call

Each formation has 4 different plays from that you can choose from. Press the icon that has the play name you’d like to call.

Now that you know how to audible in Madden NFL 22, try it yourself in a game!

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2 years ago

What happens if I do a audible and I dont know how to go left to right a choose different plays

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