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Gun Y Trips Wk – 66 Dixie

In this tip, we are going over a play with absolutely no setup required that you can add into your Madden 21 scheme.

Check it out below!

Playbook: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Formation: Gun Y Trips

Play: 66 Dixie

Setup: No setup required


  1. Your first read on this play is your B/circle receiver. This will get open against man to man coverage as well as be wide open against cover 2.
  2. Your second read is your RB/R1 on the corner route.
  3. If the user leaves the middle of the field, look for your X/square receiver.
  4. If your opponent is playing back, throw it to your A/X tight end or your Y/triangle running back.

Overview: This is an awesome passing play that doesn’t need any hot routes. It can beat any coverage without any adjustments and if you know what coverage they are running you will have dots all game.

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