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Full List Of Madden 19 Offensive & Defensive Schemes

When you start your franchise in Madden 19, you will have to choose an offensive and defensive scheme. Choose carefully because players who fit well into your scheme will get an XP boost.

You can always change your scheme as your franchise progresses but it can be a tough decision since most of your team will have been built to maximize success in your previous scheme.

You can check out the offensive and defensive scheme options in Madden 19 franchise mode below. If you are interested, we also have a post going over all player archetypes in Madden 19.

Offensive Schemes

  • West Coast Zone Run
  • West Coast Power Run
  • Vertical Zone Run
  • Vertical Power Run
  • Multiple Zone Run
  • Multiple Power Run
  • Spread
  • Run and Shoot

Defensive Schemes

  • Base 4-3
  • Multiple 4-3
  • Base 3-4
  • Multiple 3-4
  • Tampa 2
  • 46 Defense

We have a lot more information about this year’s game in our Madden 19 news hub. Which scheme are you most likely to use in Madden NFL 19?

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