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Free Tips Tuesday Episode #1

We are launching a new series on called Free Tips Tuesday where every Tuesday we go over a play in Madden 13 that will help you win more games.  In today’s tip we are going over a concept that beats all kinds of zone coverage.  In the video below, you will see the play ran against a standard cover 3 defense.

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: Gun Y-Trips Wk

Play: PA Fake Jet Pitt Free Madden Tips Tuesday #1


  1. Hot route your circle/B receiver to a streak route


  1. Your first read is the square/X receiver over the middle of the field
  2. Your second read is the X/A receiver on the wheel route Pro Tip: This play absolutely destroys zone defenses.  If your opponent brings a heavy blitz, make sure to get the ball out quickly.

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  1. works well, i use a similar play out of the falcons playbook( y-corner)

  2. Like the Steelers playbook keep it up

  3. Play works legite played my roomate and used it the look on his face was pricelous.

  4. Free tip Tuesdays only work if you acrually give a free tip every tuesday. Just saying its Wednesday where is episode #2?