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Madden 24 franchise slots

Franchise Mode In Madden 24 Includes Extra Ability Slots For Superstar and X-Factor Players

Superstar abilities have worked the same in franchise mode since back when they were first introduced. Every position received up to 2 total slots if they meet certain ratings thresholds, except X-Factor quarterbacks who received up to 5.

In Madden 24’s franchise mode, that system is being expanded upon with some non-qb players getting up to 4 ability slots. We’ve got the details on how the new system works.

Let’s start with quarterbacks and then deeper in the article we’ll get to some other interesting changes coming to franchise mode.

Quarterback Ability Slots

The best X-Factor quarterbacks still get up to 5 total ability slots but the thresholds have slightly changed.

If you have a Superstar quarterback you can get 3 abilities. Those are unlocked at:

  • 75 overall
  • 80 overall
  • 85 overall

If you have an X-Factor quarterback, you unlock the last 2 ability slots (as well as the X-Factor slot) but the ratings thresholds change to:

  • 70 overall
  • 75 overall
  • 80 overall
  • 85 overall
  • 90 overall

Just like in Madden 23, as long as you meet an ability’s overall ratings threshold you can equip any ability in any slot. As a refresher this means that if you have a 90+ quarterback in all of the different archetypes, you can equip all of the best abilities like pass lead elite, hot route master, etc on the same player.

In general, the more effective a superstar ability is in Madden 24, the higher the overall ratings threshold that is needed to unlock it.

Other Positions Except OL/K/P Ability Slots

These positions now get up to 4 ability slots in Madden 24’s franchise mode:

  • Halfback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Defensive End
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Outside Linebacker
  • Middle Linebacker
  • Cornerback
  • Safety

Superstar players at any of these position have access to 3 ability slots unlocked at 75, 80, and 85 overall.

In order to unlock the 4th superstar ability slot, your player needs to be an X-Factor and 95+ overall.

Based on this system, only the truly elite players will have access to that 4th ability.

Offensive Line Ability Slots

Any position along the offensive line also has access to up to 4 ability slots. Offensive linemen are generally capped out at Superstar and can’t get to X-Factor so X-Factor isn’t a requirement for the last ability slot to open.

As long as your offensive lineman is has a Superstar development trait he’ll have access to 4 slots at these ratings thresholds:

  • 75 overall
  • 80 overall
  • 85 overall
  • 95 overall

Kicker and Punter Ability Slots

Kickers and Punters now have access to 3 ability slots. Similar to offensive linemen kickers and punters are capped out at Superstar and can’t progress to X-Factor.

The thresholds for kickers and punters is:

  • 75 overall
  • 80 overall
  • 85 overall

Other Interesting Changes

The Acrobat ability is now available to be equipped on wide receivers as long as they are over a 90 overall in any archetype. Previously, this ability was limited to cornerbacks.

It is more important than ever to equip either set feet lead or pass lead elite on your quarterback. It has always been a good idea to do this but in Madden 24 it is more noticeable than ever.

The Naruto Run celebration has been added to Madden 24. When in the open field you have the chance to activate it by holding down “L2/R2 + X” on PlayStation 5 or “LT/RT + A” on the XBOX Series X|S. It is one of many different celebrations that you have the chance to trigger.

If you are just now starting to think about Madden 24, you can check out our earlier reporting from June going over some of the big new features coming to franchise mode this year.

Next up, check out our take on the best teams to use in Madden 24’s franchise mode.

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