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First Madden 18 Gameplay Showing Practice Mode

The first gameplay footage from Madden 18 has made it’s way onto the internet.  This quick 30 second clip shows practice mode in Madden 18 with the Dallas Cowboys on defense and the Atlanta Falcons on offense.

You can also see the new addition to practice mode where the CPU offense doesn’t snap the ball immediately allowing you to make more complex setups on defense.

You can see the clip below.  It doesn’t show much but it is more than we have seen and Madden 18 is only 2 weeks ago.

What are your thoughts on Madden 18?  Sound off in the comments.

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Chris D.
Chris D.
6 years ago

This shows nothing considering this is apparently two people in practice mode… There are pre-play adjustments showing for both teams.

6 years ago

Is there a way in Madden 18 to re-spot the ball without having to go to the menu? I swear you could in other Maddens but for the life of me, can’t figure it out for Madden 18. Thanks!!