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madden 13 running game

Establishing An Effective Madden 13 Running Game

madden 13 running game

With Madden 13 just around the corner, we are all starting to wonder how to piece together our offense. Football is a physical game, and though not always necessary, a strong running game will always help your cause. Not only will it force the defense to respect you, but it can often open up the passing game for you as well. So the main question is, how do you develop a strong fundamental running game?

You can always start by choosing a scheme to run with, no pun intended. Your scheme should represent the back you have closely. If you have Marshawn Lynch, you should be pounding the ball up the middle. On the contrary, if you have Chris Johnson outside runs will allow CJ to take advantage of his speed. That being said, remember to be diverse and switch it up. Run a variety of inside and outside runs and make sure the defense can’t guess what you’re running. The last thing you want is James Harrison exploding in the backfield after you ran the same play three times.

You will likely meet people who can shut down your everyday running game. Now in this situation you can’t just stop running the football, that’s what the defense wants you to do. Instead, it would be a good idea to open up the running game by passing the ball. When you start to run the ball effectively, the defense will bring more defenders into the box in order to stop it. The same goes with the passing game. If you start to make multiple back-to-back completions, the defense will spread out the field and also add more DB’s on the field. This is when you want to attack the defense with the running game. Keep the defense guessing and more importantly, keep them honest. When the defense steps onto the field, they should have no clue what to expect. If anything other than that happens, you’re offense is going to be in a lot of trouble.

Now like I said earlier, the best time to run the ball is when the field is spread out and DB’s are on the field. This is because your running back will have more room to run and the offensive line won’t have to deal with as many pesky linebackers. Now it doesn’t take a defensive genius to guess what the offense will be doing in a 0WR 3TE 2RB, just like it’s not hard to guess what will happen in a 4WR 0TE 1RB formation. In order to really keep the defense guessing, try and find good run and pass plays out of the same formation, that way you are a threat to both run and pass the football. Finally, I would like to add to never give up on the running game. Just because the defense is stopping you for the most part, doesn’t mean that you won’t break the big one off. Stick with it and it will pay off for you.

Article written by staff writer Niner_Fan_#1.

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  1. Good article Niner. You only fail to mention that being able to run from your 4WR 1RB sets is a serious weapon to have on the offensive side of the ball. There is nothing like spreading the defense out and watching them try to defend the run with only 5 guys in the box, make the LB miss or run him into a double team and you are to the second level.

    The Spread Option Offense is predicated on this theory while utilizing the constraint theory to keep the box empty through the use of various screens and a PA game. Its kind of hard to defend a screen when you have 8 guys in the box the same with a well timed PA.

  2. If you want to have a good running game, the best back to use is Darren McFadden, 98 speed and 92 trucking, plus he’s a great pass catcher. Now if only he could get that injury rating up…

  3. What if my speedy halfbacks can’t outrun even the slowest of DT’s and DE’s to the sidelines? In addition, what if even though there are only 4 D-linemen and 1 linebacker the DT always either sheds his block immediately as I prepare to speed by, or some how miraculously dives on my by-past HB despite being blocked. (Ps, I play on All-Madden) Also, how can I stop halfbacks and sometimes even QB’s from trucking my big hitting, solid tackling SS’s and LB’s almost twice every play?

    1. Alright let me do my best to address some of this

      Most of your problems listen above are not the fault of your RB but rather the fault of your offensive line. If they are getting man handled on the line then I would suggest trying to control your line (Slide protect) with agressive or to the side you are running. I’m also guessing you’re on the demo right now and the All-Madden Giants DE’s are monsters putting it lightly. You can always try to run plays with more TE’s (2TE, 3TE sets) as to slow down those pass rushers. Believe me though, if you can get pass the D-Line you can really cause trouble.

      As far as the trucking problem, I would slow it down and just make normal tackles. Don’t try for the hitsticks unless you know you can get it. Especailly not on the QB when he is in the pocket. For whatever reason when i try and hitstick the QB he will dodge me.

      PM me on MS or Xbox: CatchMeSTEALIN if you need anything

  4. it is all about who you play with if you play with a fast runing back and and a DB is he fast and who you are playing and who are you playing

  5. so what can i do to break tackles the way lynch does in the demo(all-madden) its rediculous… and tips on how to break tackles or dodge defenders better?

  6. Thanks for the article good read. I found that the best way to establish a running game, is to create a full out scheme. I run 3 basic plays, out of the I Form Pro. I call it my little triple option, as I choose my play by reading the defense.
    And one play i use on thrid down, Like you said in the article. Running down their throats opens your passing game. I have 1 play in the single back deuce wing. Which tears up blitz on the clear out’s.

    So for those looking to start running, dont over complicate it. And a good tip is to motion on almost every play. I using motion my WR1 if their in man the reciever follows and i run it to the empty side. If in zone I turn it into a power, and gain good yards.

    One last thing, not every run play works. No matter how good you are, how long you’ve been playing, or the skill of your opponet, Run plays take time, and usually looking back on my play for plays, I’ll see F.Gore 3 yard F.Gore -1 yard. F.Gore 8 yard. And so on.

    P.s Dont lose yards running the ball. The beauty of a running scheme is you should never have a 3rd and 14 situation. (Dreadful)

    But thats all thanks and great article, looking foward to tearing it up in Madden 13

  7. i just got down playing the demo with the seahawks and lynch was a monster. I find the best running plays are the power-o plays because these plays make it easy to choose many holes. you will have no problem taking outside or cutting it in if you see an unblocked safety coming around the outside.

  8. I like running out of 4 wide receiver sets The draw play is pretty effective