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Draft Champions: 3 Best Positions to Draft Superstars

You have to be strategic in the Draft Champions selection process. You must think, “what position should I draft that gives me the best chance to win an online Madden game?” The NFL is a quarterback driven league and Madden has kept up to date with this trend. With Draft Champion games set to 5 minute quarters and 20 sec. running clock, you’re going to need to throw the ball to move it down field in a timely manner.

The first pick is your head coach. Your second pick is a selection between three QB’s who are typically all around the same skill level. So who should you make sure you have from the third pick and on? Game play shows that stacking the positions that affect the passing game will serve you the best. Here are some of the best to positions to make sure you plug with superstar talent.

1.) Wide Receiver

This is a crucial position to have a superstar at because you’re going to need to push the envelope to be victorious. There are far more passing plays than running plays which will be helpful to keep the defense on its heels. Having wide receivers who can stretch the field can throw off a defensive game plan and keep the opponent guessing. Every possession is crucial in online play so converting on 2nd or 3rd and long is a necessity.

Whether you go for speed or physicality in your WR draft choices just make sure it fits your play style. If you don’t have any receiving weapons the defense can stack the box and watch the clock wind down.

2.) Defensive Back

Just as you would suspect being able to slow down the passing game is just as important to shutting down your opponent as having a good passing attack is in the first place. You can either stack your team at S, CB or as recommended a combination of the two positions. Every tipped ball and third down forced increases the odds of you getting the ball back unscathed.

Having superstars at Safety can help break up big play attempts and even ball hawk downfield, while having a superstar at the Corner Back position can help you slow down the routes of receivers and buy more time for your pass rushers. Can you guess what the final position is…

3.) Pass Rushers (specifically Left End)

You guessed it! Your pass rushing ability is vital. Everyone is making sure they have a left tackle to protect their QB’s blindside, but you’ll be putting a bulldozer in position at LE to plow over the lesser RT all day long. If you have followed the strategy thus far you’re in good shape.

You have an interception threat at S making the QB second guess his target, and your superstar CB is keeping the WR on a tight leash, so now all you need to do is sack the QB while he thinks for too long! Lineman are one of the easier positions for the user to handle and getting a good jump and using the correct swim move can help you add even more pressure and give the QB even less time in the pocket.

This strategy is all based around the passing game and it is important to fill up as many positions as you can with stars. Nevertheless, these 3 positions will give your Draft Champions team the best chance of being just that…a Champion.

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