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Destroy Man Press Coverage In Madden 20

In today’s free Madden 20 tip, we are going over a way to beat man to man coverage (especially man press coverage) like the popular 3-4 Odd Pinch Bunch 0 play that everyone seems to be running.

Check out the full video breakdown below.

Destroy Man Press Coverage in Madden 20

Playbook: Any Playbook

Formation: Any Formation

Play: Any Pass Play


  1. Put the slot receiver(s) on a hitch route and smart route him


  1. The read on this play is to low ball it to the hitch route against man coverage

Overview: This concept will be a highly effective way to beat an all out man press blitz. Man to man defense with press coverage is a very common defense this year. With this tactic, your opponent will be forced to get out of it (especially if you have both sides on hitch routes).

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i love your tips

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