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Madden 24 Update October 17th 2023

Cover 2 Beater: Singleback Tight Y Off – PA Leak

Playbook: Miami Dolphins

Formation: Singleback Tight Y Off

Play: PA Leak


  1. Make sure you are on the left hash mark
  2. Hot route your Y/triangle receiver to a streak
  3. (Optional) Block your running back


  1. Your primary read on this play is the X/square receiver deep against cover 2 defenses. You will want to lead pass a little up and to the sideline for best results.

Overview: You’ll want a WR with good speed in the X/square spot and a quarterback with pretty good throw power. This play should result in at least a 50 yard gain against any cover 2 defense.

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3 months ago

This play works great in regs but not really in MUT bc the safeties and WRs have similar speed, have any feedback on that ?