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madden 21 ultimate team ability points

An Overview Of Ability Points In Madden 21 Ultimate Team

Along with the decision of who you want on your Madden Ultimate Team, you also have to decide which players are going to be your Superstars.

Superstar X-Factor abilities were put into the game to make your stars feel like they are on a different level from regulat players. You have the choice of who you want to stand out on your team.

This allows you to customize your team to your play style. Whether you want to air it out with a superstar quarterback and wide receivers or if you want to ground and pound with a superstar running back and offensive line, there are abilities you can use to get you there.

In a perfect world you would be able to have superstars everywhere, but in Madden Ultimate team you have 12 ability point slots to use on your offense and 12 on your defense.

Each ability has a different value which prevents you from having all of the best abilities on your players. For example, you have to spend much more for a great ability like Escape Artist than you do for a lesser ability like Clutch on your quarterback.

Every player also has an archetype that puts them in a category for their position. Cornerbacks that are better in man coverage have an archetype of Man to Man whereas cornerbacks that are better in zone have a Zone archetype.

This affects how you put together your team because abilities have different prices for different archetypes. So if you want a specific ability on your player, you should choose a player with the archetype that fits that ability.

A lot of people like scrambling quarterbacks in Madden 21, so their best option for an ability is Escape Artist. Here is a breakdown of how much Escape Artists costs for the different archetypes.

  • Scrambler – 3
  • Improviser – 3
  • Field General – 4
  • Strong Arm – 4

So if you want to build your offense around a scrambling quarterback, your best option is to pick an improviser or a scrambler like Michael Vick or Lamar Jackson.

The difference of 1 ability point can be the difference of having good or a bad offensive line, so it is important to make sure you are efficient with your ability points by looking into a players archetype before putting them in your lineup.

Here is an example of how you can use your 12 ability points to build a great offense designed for a scrambling quarterback:

Quarterback (Improvisor)

  • Escape Artist – 3 AP
  • Dashing Deadeye – 2 AP

Wide Receiver (Deep Threat)

  • Deep In Elite – 1 AP
  • Deep Out Elite – 1 AP

Wide Receiver (Slot)

  • Slot o Matic – 1 AP
  • Grab n Go – 2 AP

Tight End (Vertical Threat)

  • Matchup Nightmare – 2 AP

If you want to get the best out of your scrambling quarterback you are going to have to invest a lot of your ability points in them. But even if you do, you should still have enough room to surround him with other playmakers to complete your offense.

Superstar abilities add another level of customization to Madden Ultimate team that give you another way to make your team stand out from others.

How do you spend your ability points in Madden 21? Let us know in the comments!

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Jayden Parish
Jayden Parish
2 years ago

How come you didn’t do anything for a field general qb

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