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5 Teams That Madden 15 Beginners Should Use

Madden 15 is now only 2 months away which means it is time to start thinking about which teams to use when August 26th rolls around.  Just because a team was good in Madden 25 doesn’t mean that the same team will be good in this year’s Madden NFL 15 game.

Madden School provides tips and strategies to everyone ranging from beginners to experts. Although we usually focus on tips that can be applied to any team, today we are focusing on which teams to choose to give beginners the best chance of winning when using our free Madden 15 tips.

Below we will go over 5 teams that will be best for people who are picking up a Madden game for the first time.

  • Seattle Seahawks – They will likely be the most used team in Madden 15 unless they lose a bunch of games in a row and the early season Madden 15 roster updates penalize them heavily.  They have a defense that you don’t have to micromanage, a mobile quarterback with great ratings, a running back that you can depend on, and solid wide receivers.  Even if you don’t have any fancy Madden 15 schemes, or strategy guides this team can get the job done.
  • San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers are very similar to the Seahawks.  They have a defense that can force turnovers all by themselves and will have no problem getting stops even if you don’t have amazing nano blitzes.  The offense has weapons everywhere so you have options.  You won’t have to be one dimensional with the 49ers.  When you are first starting out, that is something that is incredibly helpful.
  • Denver Broncos – If you are the type of person who loves to throw the ball all over the field (as most beginners are) the Broncos are a good choice.  They have a franchise quarterback that can make all the throws and a whole arsenal or receivers and tight ends.  If you can practice and develop a solid passing attack in Madden 15, the Broncos will be as good a team as any to use it with.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – This might shock a lot of people but the easiest way to become better at Madden 15 is to play with the worst team you can find against the best players you can find.  If you don’t care about taking a consistent beating for 50-100 games, choose the Jaguars.  Learn to stop the above teams with defenders in the low 70s.  Figure out a way to move the ball without any star players on offense.  It will be hard to keep taking a beating early on, but once you figure out how to win with a team as terrible as the Jaguars, make the switch to one of the above teams.  At that point, you will destroy everyone because if you stuff works with 70 overall players, it will work 3 times as good with 90 overall players.
  • Your favorite team – Playing with your favorite team makes the game more fun.  When the game is more fun, you get better at it.  It really is that simple.  The other benefit of playing with your own team is that you avoid the constant team change after a few losses that you would do with any other team.   If you can stick with one team, you will learn everything about them.  Which throws the quarterback can and can’t make, how much ground your starting free safety can cover, how to use your backup running back effectively, and things like that.

What other teams would you suggest that beginners use in Madden NFL 15?

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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
9 years ago