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5 Superstar Abilities That Needs To Be Toned Down In Madden 21

Madden 20 introduced Superstar abilities into the franchise. Some loved it, some hated it but regardless of where you stood on the issue, it did breath some new life into the series.

It is safe to assume that these new Superstar abilities won’t be going anywhere when Madden 21 comes out.

EA Sports will undoubtedly add a few new abilities as well as hopefully tune various abilities that were too powerful or underpowered in Madden 20.

We have 5 suggestions for superstar abilities that need to be toned down in Madden 21!

1. Escape Artist

From the very beginning of Madden 20, top players identified escape artist as a must have ability if you planned to pass at all.

The ability for your quarterback to outrun all but the absolute fastest defenders while throwing perfect passes 50 yards downfield can be incredibly frustrating to play against.

It can still be an amazing ability, EA just needs to tone this down a little bit and most fans will be content.

2. Juke Box

Madden 20 was one of the most run heavy games in a long time. Most of this was due to the effectiveness of the HB Dive and HB Stretch offenses everyone runs but the Juke Box ability made runs even harder to defend.

If you called a good run play, you’d often only have to beat 1 defender before you were off to the races. With juke box, the chances of you beating that 1 defender went up exponentially.

Any routine 4 yard run could be sprung into an 80 yard touchdown run. Much like with escape artist, this ability doesn’t need to go away, it just needs to be tweaked slightly to make it about as effective as the other running back abilities.

3. Enforcer

If you find yourself matched up against someone with an enforcer on the field, you can just about guarantee that you will be giving your opponent at least 1 or 2 fumbles that game.

An absolutely amazing year for an elite NFL player would result in him forcing somewhere around 3-4 fumbles in a season. In Madden 20, the enforcer ability often forces 3 fumbles in just 1 game.

It is true that players with that ability should be feared, but it got to be a little much. Hopefully this gets toned down for Madden 21.

4. Edge Threat

The edge threat ability turns any pass rusher in the game into Lawrence Taylor in his prime.

Yes, elite pass rushers should be feared. Yes they should also be double teamed. But even with an entire gameplan to shut Edge Threat rushers down, they will usually get 4-5 sacks per game.

It is just another ability where the idea is great it just needs to be slightly less overpowered in Madden 21.

5. Universal Coverage

Universal coverage is probably the ability on this list with the least urgency to be addressed. It isn’t as game changing as some of the other abilities above but the combination of Zoned Out and Man Up means you can basically kiss 1 receiver goodbye on offense.

If your opponent gets a few guys on his team with Universal Coverage and pairs it with whatever the dominant defensive scheme of the time is, it can be incredibly hard to move the ball on offense.

When compared to the other cornerback abilities like like Pick Artist, Lumberjack, etc it really is a little too overpowered.

Which abilities do you think are the most overpowered in Madden 20 and which do you want to see in Madden 21? Sound off in the comments section!

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4 years ago

Dumbest list I’ve seen. Joystick >>>>>>> every ability on this list. Also universal coverage is nothing compared to pick artist.

4 years ago
Reply to  Zeke

Yup human joystick is scary absolutely stupid

Nicholas McKinney
Nicholas McKinney
4 years ago

Escape artist? Really run qb contain you bum it’s two buttons.

Jay Bounce
Jay Bounce
4 years ago

Universal Coverage and Escape Artist is absurdly easy to contest. Human Joystick on the other hand, is the epitome of EA BS. That ability is insanely overpowered and requires absolutely zero skill to use.

4 years ago

Nick chubbs stiff arm is totally ridiculous

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