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5 Rookies You Will Want To Immediately Trade Away in Madden 21

Every year there are a few rookies who are hyped up who just don’t perform in Madden. Today, we are going over 5 rookies in Madden 21 who you may want to trade.

They may turn out to be excellent NFL players in the long run, but when you are in a Madden franchise, what matters is their long term potential with you not in the NFL.

These rookies should fetch you a decent haul in return, so make sure to trade them right away. The longer you wait, the less value you will be able to get for them.

If you missed our last article about the 10 rookies you will want to trade for this year, you can check that out here.

Let’s dive in!

1. QB Joe Burrow

That’s right, the #1 overall pick in the draft is a guy you will want to trade away. There will be plenty of suckers in every league willing to give up a king’s ransom for him.

You will want to move him as soon as possible. Yes, if you get stuck with the Bengals, it will probably leave you with an awful QB for a year but it is the right long term move.

Even though he has superstar development, Burrow got shortchanged on the most important QB rating, throw power. He comes in with a THP rating of only 86.

Unfortunately the throw power rating is the hardest individual attribute to increase through development so even if you get incredibly lucky, you will only get him upto about 89 throw power.

Sub 90 throw power is very hard to work with and no matter how well you develop Burrow, he will be stuck with a noodle arm.

The other big downside on Burrow for Madden purposes is he comes into Madden 21 as an old 23 year old. That only leaves you a few good years of development before players run into a wall and don’t easily progress much further.

None of this is to say Joe Burrow is a bad player in Madden 21. It is just that you will likely be able to get way more than he is actually worth by trading him right away.

2. HB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a guy people love to talk about because he can become an incredible weapon in Andy Reid’s offense with all the talent around him.

Unfortunately, that does not translate at all into Madden 21. It’s true, he comes in with a lot of really nice individual ratings and is a 74 overall HB at only 21 years old but all of that is irrelevant because he only has 86 speed.

Players with that speed rating are basically unusable at running back. Even if you get lucky and increase his speed over time (which is incredibly rare), you might get him to about 88 speed.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire will never be an elite running back in Madden 21, so it makes sense to trade him right away while he is still young and you can maximize your value.

3. HB D’Andre Swift

D’Andre Swift is a big name guy who a lot of people will be excited to use. You will want to use his name recognition to your advantage.

Get rid of him right away. He comes in with only 89 speed which is tough to recover from. Yes, he has really nice intial ratings in attributes like ball carrier vision, juke, and spin but those things are all relatively easy to increase over time.

89 speed and 68 strength with only 86 injury will make him slow, weak, and often injured. That isn’t something you will want on your team.

4. SS Kyle Dugger

The 37th overall pick in the past NFL Draft intially looks somewhat appealing. He has decent size and is fairly strong for a safety with 89 speed and 74 strength.

He’d be an amazing guy to build a defense around if only you had more time to progress him. Unfortunately, he comes in at 24 years old.

Within a year or 2, the amount of XP required to increase his overall will be significantly higher than fellow rookies who came into the league at 21 or 22.

You may not be able to get a ton for him, but he is a guy who won’t ever be more than a solid role player in your franchise.

5. QB Jordan Love

Jordan Love is pretty much the opposite of Joe Burrow in Madden 21 but at the end of the day, neither one of them will work out that well for your franchise.

While Joe Burrow is 23 years old, Jordan Love is only 21. That is a huge plus! While Joe Burrow has 86 throw power, Jordan Love comes in at 90.

The big problem is that it he comes in with a “Normal” developent trait. It is almost impossible to properly develop a quarterback who comes in with only a “Normal” development trait. It will take at least 2 amazing seasons just to get him to superstar development.

If you are an elite passer and know you can get a QB development trait increase every offseason, then he may make sense for you. But even if you are able to get him to X-Factor, you wont be able to enjoy all those extra X-Factor abilities until at season 4 at the absolute earliest.

Many leagues don’t make it that far so plan accordingly.

Are there any rookies we missed? Sound off in the comments!

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