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10 Rookies You Should Trade For In Your Madden 21 Franchise

Gamers who are able to make 1 really good trade early on in their online franchise can set their team up for success for years to come.

Today we are looking at 10 rookies who you will want to overpay to get because one day they could become cornerstones of your franchise.

WR Henry Ruggs

If all you knew was that you could get a 21 year old rookie with superstar development and 98 speed that should be enough for you to make an offer to whatever owner in your league has him.

That level of speed is so valuable, especially in Madden 21. It is incredibly rare to be able to draft a guy that fast.

He is already the 2nd fastest player in the game and also comes in with 97 acceleration and 88 change of direction. His overall rating is 76 overall means you don’t even have to progress him that much before he is truly elite.

It might seem counter intuitive but his low awareness rating of only 69 means that all of the other ratings that actually matter (like catching, route running, speed, etc) have to be significantly higher than they otherwise would be making him even more of a valuable player.

Henry Ruggs is the top rookie on offense you will want to go after as hard as you can.

SS Isaiah Simmons

Isaiah Simmons is undoubtably the top user defender in recent Madden history. You have the chance to get a 6’4″ 233 pound stud with 93 speed.

When a player like that becomes available, you make an offer that can’t be refused.

Just like with Henry Ruggs, if all you knew was you could get a 6’4″ 233 pound rookie that has 93 speed and superstar development trait, that player could be a 50 overall but he would still be worth multiple first round picks.

Luckily, Isaiah Simmons is rated much higher than a 50 overall and comes in at 78 overall. He has solid ratings for every attribute that matters. He can play the run or the pass and is truly one of the most versatile defenders in the game.

Isaiah Simmons is the top rookie on defense you will want to go after.

CB C.J. Henderson

While the top 2 guys are clearly the best rookies for Madden, there are still plenty of others that can become elite players with proper progression.

One of those guys is C.J. Henderson. Getting a 21 year old cornerback that has good size and 93 speed should be a top priority.

Even though he only comes in with a 76 overall rating, within 2-3 years he will be a 90+ overall shutdown cornerback with top end speed.

For the next 10+ seasons of your franchise you won’t have to worry about one side of the field.

If you are at all able to trade for C.J. Henderson you should definitely try.

RE Chase Young

Chase Young is a super obvious pick here and will likely be one of the hardest guys to actually trade for. The #2 overall pick is the highest rated rookie in Madden 21 with an 80 overall.

He has the size, strength, and X-Factor development trait that will likely make him untouchable.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to put out a feeler to whoever has him in your franchise and see if you can entice him.

If you are good at developing players though, Chase Young may not be worth the price you’d have to pay to get him on your team.

FS L’Jarius Sneed

Now we are getting into the sleepers of this rookie class. The guys you may have a realistic shot of getting without giving up too much.

L’Jarius Sneed is a rookie free safety on the Kansas City Chiefs that is rated 67 overall. The real reason you will want him though is that he as 93 speed, 93 jump, 75 hit power, and is a perfect developmental player.

Within 2-3 years you can progress him into a star free safety that flies all over the field.

He should be relatively cheap to get as well!

WR Chase Claypool

This is your chance to get a 6’4″ 238 pound rookie wide receiver with 92 speed and 71 strength. That is about as close to a potential baby Calvin Johnson as you will ever see.

Most competent GMs in your league will see the value of a player like this but because he only comes in at 70 overall, you may be able to fleece a less experienced member of your franchise into getting him.

If you train him and spam him consistently for a couple of seasons, he will turn into one of the scariest weapons in all of Madden 21.

This is one of those players where it makes sense to overpay. Whatever it costs to get him early on will likely look like a huge bargain in 2-3 years.

ROLB Tanner Muse

Tanner Muse is another top priority to get on your team in Madden 21. All you need to know about him is he is a ROLB that comes in with 90 speed, 90 acceleration, and 74 strength. His overall rating isn’t too important but it is decent at 67.

With the proper development, you will have one of the scariest players on defense in the entire league within 2-3 years.

The only downside is that he is a 23 year old rookie so it may be a little harder to progress him than it would be with 21 or 22 year olds.

ROLB Willie Gay Jr.

Willie Gay Jr. comes in with 88 speed and 90 acceleration. For a linebacker, those are insane numbers.

His overall rating is a bit underwheling at 71 but after a few seasons, he will progress nicely and you will forget all about where he started out.

He also has a 90 jump rating so he should be able to pick off some passes slightly over his head. If you like usering linebackers, he is the perfect guy to user in season 1 and 2.

This is another one of those players who you may be able to get by fleecing a guy in your league who doesn’t know what he is doing.

TE Albert Okwuegbunam

If you are a guy who knows how to use tight ends, you should easily be able to turn Albert Okwuegbunam into a truly elite tight end.

Sure he only has a 66 overall rating but it is the physical ratings that you want him for. 6’5″ 255 pounds with 88 speed and 91 acceleration.

He is only 22 years old so you have plenty of time to progress him. He is by far the highest potential rookie TE in this year’s class and by season 3, you should have yourself a fully developed tight end that gives your opponents nightmares.

QB Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts is only right for the type of player who needs a mobile quarterback. If you are a guy that loves to air it out deep, he likely isn’t right for you but if you want to run an option offense, this is a relatively cheap guy you will want.

Because he is a backup for the Eagles, you should be able to get him for pretty cheap. He coems in with 86 speed and 89 acceleration.

The big downside though is only 84 throw power which can be incredibly limiting.

If you are a runner and able to get him for a mid round pick or a player you don’t plan on using, Hurts can add an added element to your offense.

Which rookies are you most excited to use in Madden 21? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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3 years ago

Simmons at SS is a huge bummer. The Cards HC and DC both said he would be strictly playing LB. IMO, his size/ratings would be so much more valuable at LB

3 years ago

Then move him to linebacker

Korn Nickel
Korn Nickel
3 years ago

Chase Young with X-Factor…..that’s crazy and Ruggs speed WOW!

3 years ago


3 years ago

I’m on the fence about whether to trade Hurts or add maintaining a package of plays as an added weapon in my offense. 86 THP is a big let down.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Well he’s never had a cannon, definitely an improviser archetype, not strong arm.

3 years ago

just upgrade his arm archetype

3 years ago

mecole hardman is an big talent

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