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players to consider moving up on the depth chart

5 Players You Should Consider Moving Up On The Depth Chart

Madden 18 has been out for nearly two months now, and the Madden School pros are hard at work. The Madden School team is dedicated to giving you as many useful Madden 18 tips as possible. To help with organizing your rosters and line-ups, Madden School has put together 5 players you should consider moving up on the depth chart.

Hunter Henry TE Los Angeles Chargers

Henry is rated an 85 overall which is 2 points better than TE Antonio Gates who currently sits in front of Henry on the Chargers’ Depth Chart. Henry is one of Madden School’s second year offensive players to watch. Henry is faster, stronger, and has better acceleration ratings than Gates. Henry has a sideline catches trait to go along with his Possession and RAC Traits. Henry is definitely worthy of moving up the depth chart.

Patrick Robinson CB Philadelphia Eagles

Robinson is the highest rated CB on the Philadelphia Eagles squad as he’s rated an 84 overall. Robinson plays the Nickel CB spot, but given the current situation at the position, Eagles users need to consider moving him up. Robinson has an 82 AWR rating to go along with his 88 MCV and 86 ZCV. Robinson is THE playmaker in the Eagles secondary, and he should be assigned your opponent’s best WR. Move Robinson up to the top CB spot on the Eagles depth chart, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Jalen Collins CB Atlanta Falcons

Collins isn’t even listed as a starter on the Falcons depth chart, but you must move him up into the starting rotation at the CB spot. Collins is 6’1” with 90 SPD, 84 PRS, and 87 MCV ratings. That makes him a versatile defender with the ability to match up nicely against taller WR’s. The Falcons secondary is filled with middle of the road players rated in the neighborhood of an 80, and Collins is no exception. It’s just that Collins provides you with another good CB, and he needs to be in the mix–at least the 4th CB on the depth chart anyway.

Willie Snead IV WR New Orleans Saints

This one might seem a little ticky tack, but Snead should be moved up to the number 2 spot on the Saints’ WR depth chart over Ted Ginn Jr. Why? Snead’s rated 4 points higher than Ginn, and he fits the second WR spot better than Ginn. Ginn has the drops open passes trait while Snead does not. Also, Snead has 86 CTH and 85 RTE while Ginn has 78 CTH and 79 RTE. Ginn’s SPD also lends itself to working from the slot WR position where he can get free releases from the line of scrimmage. Snead should be the number 2 WR and Ginn the number 3, trust us.

Julius Peppers LE Carolina Panthers

Peppers is the ageless Madden wonder, and he deserves to be moved up to the starting LE spot over Charles Johnson. First, Peppers is rated an 82 overall while Johnson sits at a measly 77 overall–that’s a 5 point swing in favor of the veteran Peppers. Next, Peppers has all the attributes and skill ratings you look for in a starting LE. Peppers has a Bull Rush, Swim Move, and Strip Ball trait to go along with his 83 FMV and 72 PWV ratings. Compare that to Johnson’s 60 FMV and 79 PMV and the move is a no brainer. Put Peppers at the number 1 LE spot and move Johnson around to back up the other DL positions.

These are only a few of our suggestions for players to move up on the depth chart. Who are some of yours? Certainly, start Andrew Luck by moving him up the depth chart, but who are some of the others? Overall ratings aren’t everything, either.

Maybe you want to move McCaffrey up in front of J. Stewart at RB in Carolina. Whatever your depth chart moves may be, feel free to share with the Madden School Community in the comments section below.

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