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4 Team Playbooks You Should Try In Madden 17

Maybe you don’t have time to develop a unique playbook, or multiple playbooks like some Madden players. Possibly you’re curious about all the playbook choices that Madden 17 has to offer. Sometimes, you might just want to play around with a few of the default and team specific playbooks. Well, we’ve looked through all the playbooks for every team in Madden 17, and here are our top 4 team playbooks for you to consider trying out before Madden 18 comes out in August.

You might be surprised how well these playbooks fit your style of play, or match the strengths of your favorite team in Madden 17.  

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City’s offensive playbook is incredibly diverse. This playbook has 468 total plays in it with enough variation to suit nearly any style of play. There are two formations that Madden 17 players don’t see much of, and those are Near Close, and then HB Wildcat U. Each of these formations only feature a handful of plays, but they will present your opponents with some problems if they’re used properly.

Kansas City’s playbook features 8 different formations with over 30 sets not including the goal line formation. That allows for a lot of variation in play calling, and should help to keep your opponent guessing all game long.

San Francisco 49er’s

It’s really no surprise that Chip Kelly’s offensive playbook finds its way onto this list given the popularity of using a spread attack among Madden 17 players. You can easily see many of the formations and plays in San Fran’s playbook when playing online H2H matches.

San Fran’s playbook only features 441 total plays run out of only 3 formations. The Pistol, Shotgun, and Singleback are the only formations in Frisco’s playbook. That keeps it fairly simple when deciding on which formation to use, but there are a whopping 30 sets out of these 3 formations with 24 of those sets in the Shotgun formation. That’s incredible for one formation.

Arizona Cardinals

This playbook has a little bit of everything, and it fits nearly any style of play on offense. You can utilize a power running attack from Arizona’s playbook, or you can line up and throw it all over the yard if you so choose. There are 6 formations containing an incredible 33 different sets to choose from.

12 different sets are available out of the Singleback formation including a few multiple Tight End sets such as Jumbo and Jumbo Pair. Combined with 3 sets from the I, and a few from the strong and weak formations, Arizona’s playbook allows for both a power running and vertical passing game that will certainly keep your opponents off guard in online H2H matches.

New England Patriots

No surprise here with New England making this list. They sport one of the strongest and most popular team specific playbooks every year in Madden. New England’s offensive playbook favors their true team strengths as it features several multiple Tight End sets. The diversity of New England’s playbook doesn’t quite match that of our previous three teams, but it’s strong nonetheless.

There are 5 formations containing 28 sets and 468 plays in all. New England’s playbook is certainly unique given they have a few sets specific to their team in Normal Flex Weak Pats and Empty Ace Patriot. Both of these can be found out of the Shotgun formation.

Those are our 4 team playbooks we recommend trying out in Madden 17. Feel free to download Madden School’s play book, and check out our tips on offense, too.  It never hurts to keep your Madden skills fresh before the release of Madden 18 in August. Are there any playbooks you recommend trying out in Madden 17? As always, feel free to comment below.  


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4 years ago

I have used all the teams before I even downloaded this app